MarbleKare USA offers professional slate cleaning, sealing, and maintenance services for residential and commercial customers throughout South Florida.

Slate Insights

What is Slate?
Slate is a metamorphic rock, meaning that it started out as one type of rock and “morphed” into something different. In the case of slate, it starts out as shale or mudstone. Compression and heat then change the minerals so the end result is slate.

When treated with a color enhancing sealer, many slate tiles come alive with rich colors.

Slate is quarried around the world. The largest slate quarry is in North Wales. However, Portugal, Germany and the United States, along with multiple other countries also have slate quarries.
Slate has many uses but is mainly used for roofing, countertops, building facades, plus indoor and outdoor flooring, and garden accents and decorations.

Slate Care and Maintenance

We can resolve any problems associated with your slate surfaces, such as dullness, chipping, scratches or other damage, and apply color enhancing or topical sealers to achieve the degree of luster you desire.

Cleft Finish Slate Expertise

In the wrong hands, your beautiful cleft slate surfaces can be easily damaged during deep cleaning or restoration. MarbleKare USA has the knowledge of and expertise in the proper equipment, techniques and powders needed to ensure the lasting beauty of your installation. We are always available to answer any questions and to discuss the specific requirements of your unique slate surfaces.

Slate Repair

If your slate surfaces have become cracked, chipped, scratched, or otherwise damaged, MarbleKare USA can resolve these issues, most often without need of replacement. We can also take care of any grout problems you may have with our deep-cleaning, sealing and repair services.

Slate Cleaning

Over time, thick layers of soap residue, waxes, and other topical coatings can dull and hide the beautiful inherent colors and untamed charm of your slate floors and surfaces. The qualified technicians at MarbleKare USA can strip away this dull buildup, as well as the dirt and contaminants it often traps, to reveal the naturally stunning surface underneath.

Sealing & Color Enhancing

We can treat your slate with premium quality solutions…

Most — though not all — varieties of slate are virtually waterproof. This may mean sealing your slate is unnecessary, but it doesn’t necessarily mean sealing is undesirable. There are color enhancing sealers and coatings which can make the natural colors of your slate surfaces emerge more vibrantly. And, of course, for those types of slate which are not as waterproof as they could be, applying a sealer can further support their resistance to staining agents and weather conditions.

Caring For It

Need care product recommendations or have  questions about the care and cleaning of your ? CONTACT US.

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