Tile & Grout

Tile is an incredibly practical, resilient, and elegant material. We provide full service cleaning, restoration and protection of porcelain, ceramic, and clay tile and grout to residential and commercial clients throughout South Florida.

Not as Simple as it Sounds

There is no “norm” to tile. It is definitely not a one size fits all product. There are endless colors, shapes, patterns, designs, materials, and uses for tile. Tile can be inside or outside, on the floor, patio, countertop, pool surround, showers, walls and numerous other surfaces.

There are various kinds of grout as well. Some types of grout are better in wet areas while others are better for floors and other indoor areas.

You may have other concerns with regard to your tile and grout. For example, are slip and fall risks a concern? Do you hate the color of your grout lines? Is mold and mildew growth an issue?

The way we professionally service your tile and grout depends on your needs, factoring in all of the above, and what your objectives are. Bottom line though, we can make your tile and grout look as good as new and help you keep it looking that way.

Our Tile & Grout Care Services

We can make your tile and grout look like new — or better — and protect it to make follow-up cleaning effective and easy!

Deep Cleaning and Sanitizing

Our tile cleaning processes vary based on the surface condition, type of tile, and type of dirt or oil being removed. Your tiled surfaces will be easier to keep clean with periodic professional deep cleaning services using professional and highly effective cleaning solutions.

Sealing and Color Sealing

Sealing is often associated with natural stone tile, but the truth is, a lot of other types of tile need to be sealed. (And the grout too.) Sealing not only helps to prevent stains, but makes clean up a little easier as well. Grime and water can seep into the nooks and crannies of unsealed clay tile and cause breakage and discoloration.

Grout, because it is very porous, can become stained when spills or soiling penetrates into the pores. Dirty, stained grout lines will make the entire surface look dirty, dingy and dated.

With grout color sealing we can restore a uniform color to your grout lines. We can even change the color of your grout lines while delivery exceptional stain resistance.

MarbleKare USA has multiple sealing options available, depending on the type of tile, grout, and the location of the installation.   

Cleaning & Care

Need care product recommendations or have  questions about the care and cleaning of your tile surfaces? CONTACT US.

How Can We Help You

Reach out to us for a free estimate on tile and grout cleaning, sealing, grout color sealing, or any other natural stone and tile care services throughout South Florida.